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"...Leib's interpretations are exemplary. "It Might As Well Be Spring" absolutely combusts with desire; the title track becomes a joyous cascade of freedom chimes; "The Thrill Is Gone" is a thundering nightmare of anguish; Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" gently unfolds, Leib's gently countrified reading evocative of Rickie Lee Jones, and, most arresting, the gossamer "So This Is Love" (from Disney's Cindarella) is reinvented as a passion-fired samba."  -JazzTimes

"Leib can sound soft and innocent...but she can also be soulful and funny...Leib's voice is strong and versatile and she sounds convincing in whatever style she chooses... Cadence Magazine

"An accomplished jazz vocalist, performer, and teacher...Leib's voice floated over the accompaniment with presence and authority". - Gary Parks, LiveSound Magazine

"Leib delivers warm, inviting vocals over fresh new arrangements of classic and contemporary tunes.  This is a really nice debut of a great, new talent on the contemporary jazz vocal landscape."


Leib "possesses a plush sound and a brimming musical imagination..." - Andrew Gilbert,

"Leib is a captivating talent, possessing admirable arranging skills and a flexible voice capable evoking smiles, sighs or sadness, depending on the topic at hand...Secret Love is a sign of all that is right about vocal jazz today."  - Dan Bilawsky, 2012

"High-energy vocalist Sara Leib reinvents scatting..." - San Francisco Examiner

Leib has expertly crafted her inherent craft. Hailed as having unstandardized the standard, her voice is for those of you who like rules and then like to break them. - Laura Donny, Jewish Journal

A unique and imaginative performance that scores well across the board...Sara Leib is far more than a singer, Leib is an artist. Make no mistake that Leib can hold her own with any singer on any stage and while her vocal trick bag is as full as they come, Leib has the more important intangible qualities of knowing when to go for it and when to dial it back for even better effect...As entertaining a vocal release as you may hear for the year...

 - Brent Black, 2012

"...a dandy, straight up jazz vocal date that's hard to resist. There's nothing about these classic numbers from different quadrants that's done by the numbers. Leib is a smart new vocalist whose arrival is overdue. Check it out.", 2012

"On Secret Love, Leib displays a potent and unique arranging ability, one that recasts standards into a very edgy adult contemporary paradigm. These are not mere makeovers, they are all-out reconsiderations of the Great American Songbook...Leib's voice is excellent in this setting".

- C. Michael Bailey, 2012

"There's mature warmth not usually found among the youth in jazz today that's deeply woven into the vocals of Sara Leib" 

The New Face Of Jazz, by Cicily Janus. Billboard Books, 2010

"Colorful and excitingly refreshing." - Zach Behrens, The 

"one of those touch of genius phenomenons...reinterprets the template of the standard into something that seasoned jazz enthusiasts and crossover fans from the Norah Jones camp will both be blown away by..." - Jamie Rattner, Performer Magazine 

"She's got a beautiful, natural voice, and she improvises with aplomb, scatting with ease." - Steve Greenlee, Boston Globe 

"Leib displays an attractive voice and inventive phrasing...Sara Leib has great potential for the future and It's Not the Moon is an important first step" - Scott Yanow, L.A. Jazz Scene

"Sara Leib offers a fresh approach to jazz vocal classicism..." - Larry Katz, Boston Herald

"Sara Leib shows great promise and talent...Scatting is not for the faint of heart, and Leib handles it particularly well in a risky instrumental style that belies her tender age" - Lou Lanza,

"an inventive scat singer with a lot of potential."

"You really don't want to miss this artist while she's in town. " - Gary Van Dyk, Cape Times, Cape Town, South Africa View Full Article

"Sara Leib is a young, evolving talent and with the future of jazz in her hands...the tomorrows of jazz will be secure." - Bob Agnew, LA Jazz Scene 

"...worth seeking out. Leib has a terrific voice, her improvising is inspired, and the Boston-based trio that backs her is top-notch." - Steve Greenlee, Boston Globe

"The New Voice of Jazz..." - David Lepe, Siglo 21 Newspaper, Guatemala

"...a real bundle of dynamite." - Gary Van Dyk, Cape Argus, Cape Town, South Africa

"One of the more sweet voices of current music." - Mario Cordero, La Hora, Guatemala

"Sara Leib loves playing with meter, and many of her arrangements refurbish familiar songs by setting them to unexpected beats..." - The California Report

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