Didn't see this, but *someone's* father emailed it today.  Very sweet quote from the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, which says "Leib has expertly crafted her inherent craft. Hailed as having unstandardized the standard, her voice is for those of you who like rules and then like to break them." - Laura Donny, Jewish Journa


Got a bunch of live gig videos at the Youtube page.  Here are a couple exciting ones! Video by Alex Chaloff.



4/5/13 says Leib "possesses a plush sound and a brimming musical imagination..." and promotes Sara's gig at the JazzSchool on 4/6/13 in Berkeley, CA. See you there!


What's that you say?  You've never heard Sara sing with a big band?  Here ya go:


Two new videos to check out!  Watch AND hear Sara sing The Way You Look Tonight and Night and Day below:


Got some great, high quality videos almost ready for posting. But for now, check out this lo-fi Sara Leib'd up version of My One And Only Love...


Thanks Livesound Magazine for the lovely quote in a writeup about a performance of Sara's at the Guatemala Jazz Festival last Spring!

"An accomplished jazz vocalist, performer, and teacher...Leib's voice floated over the accompaniment with presence and authority". - Gary Parks, LiveSound Magazine


What's better than having my music reviewed on public radio? A DUAL review with my dear friend Sara Gazarek! Thanks for the love Andy Gilbert! Hope you all here for the 5 minute radio spot...


Hey All!  Thanks to for the nice review!  They said "Leib delivers warm, inviting vocals over fresh new arrangements of classic and contemporary tunes.  This is a really nice debut of a great, new talent on the contemporary jazz vocal landscape."

4/16/12 LOVES Sara!  This week features a free track downloadable at the site, where the editor says it's "One of the best vocal tracks I've featured this year."  There are also two new reviews! A track review by C. Michael Bailey who says "On Secret Love, Leib displays a potent and unique arranging ability, one that recasts standards into a very edgy adult contemporary paradigm. These are not mere makeovers, they are all-out reconsiderations of the Great American Songbook...Leib's voice is excellent in this setting".  The other review, by Dan Bilawsky, says "Leib is a captivating talent, possessing admirable arranging skills and a flexible voice capable evoking smiles, sighs or sadness, depending on the topic at hand...Secret Love is a sign of all that is right about vocal jazz today." Thanks All About! Read the article here:


Check out th new promo video for the new album, "Secret Love"!


Midwest posts another lovely review of the new album, "Secret Love"!

"...a dandy, straight up jazz vocal date that's hard to resist. There's nothing about these classic numbers from different quadrants that's done by the numbers. Leib is a smart new vocalist whose arrival is overdue. Check it out."

4/01/12 posts a GREAT review of "Secret Love" on its website!

A unique and imaginative performance that scores well across the board...Sara Leib is far more than a singer, Leib is an artist. Make no mistake that Leib can hold her own with any singer on any stage and while her vocal trick bag is as full as they come, Leib has the more important intangible qualities of knowing when to go for it and when to dial it back for even better effect...As entertaining a vocal release as you may hear for the year...
 - Brent Black,


Sara Leib's new album on OA2 Records is be avilable online and in stores TODAY!  Listen to it here, buy it online at iTunes, at or any online retailer!  Enjoy!


The new album, "Secret Love", on OA2 Records will be avilable online and in stores March 20th!  The Los Angeles CD release is March 10th!  Get ready!


Welcome to the new!  Have a look around, enjoy the content!


The new album is mixed and mastered.  Everything's sounding great, and Origin Records is going to put this puppy out!  Look for an early Spring 2012 release!


Be a part of Sara's forthcoming album!
Great news! It's been WAAAAY too long since Sara's recorded an album, and, well, it's time! The great news is that now YOU can be a part of what will be an extraordinary project. Please check out the video below, and check out the Kickstarter page by: clicking here:


Sara is featured in a new book about jazz!
Sara is a featured artist in the book "The New Face of Jazz" by Cicily Janus from Billboard books. The book says "There's mature warmth not usually found amoung the youth in jazz today that's deeply woven into the vocals of Sara Leib". What an honor! Pick up your copy at major book retailers everywhere!


New Video!
Here's video of Sara singing Ray Noble's "The Very Thought Of You", duet with Nick Mancini on vibraphone. Recorded live at Holy Nativity Episcopal Church's Jazz Vespers service in Los Angeles, CA.


3 New Videos Up! Just a note to friends and fans who came out last Saturday and packed the Metropo to capacity! Thanks so much! Your energy brought so much to the night. Here are three videos from the Metropol in Los Angeles on 3/20/10:


New Video Up! Tired of the same old YouTube vids?'s more. Finally!


WOOT! Thanks for coming out to Hear Noho! Today the called Sara's and the band's performance last night "colorful and excitingly refreshing." This further proves that the LAist rocks.


Music music music! Hey Angelinos! Coming up: Hear Noho December 3rd and a big New Years Eve gig! See the live page for details.


Great Gig! Thanks Angelinos for selling out the Metropol gig! We had a blast and there are new, exciting things coming up!


New Bio! There's a new little ditty up in the bio section. Learn more about Sara's history and passions, right here at!


Greece! Sara brings her voice, wit and charm to Athens, GREECE for a one night workshop on August 18th. See live section for details.


Check out Sara's blog for continuous updates and photos from her travels!


Sara plays all over the world! Look for concerts in New Zealand, Nepal, Thailand, China, Italy and Spain! Check out the live section for details.


Better late than never! Sara's first album, "It's Not The Moon", is now available on iTunes! Download away!


Hear Sara's voice on the most recent Coffeemate commercial, playing now on your TV! Also...if you see it, drop an email...we here at Leib central haven't had much time for TV and haven't caught it yet...


Sara is a special guest on Gary Vaynerchuk's Wine Library TV!! The show airs on June 27th at 5 p.m. Eastern/2 p.m. Pacific. Check it out any time at http://tv.winelibrary.comto watch Sara taste wine with Gary, yap a bit with her idol, and see Gary pimp Sara's NYC show!


Hey New Yorkers! Sara will be performing in New York City on June 30th. One night only, so make sure you come out for this event! See live page for details.


Sara's voice can be heard in the movie "Major Movie Star" with Jessica Simpson and Steve Guttenberg. Listen for the song, "Let Me Dance All Night".


Sara Does a short stint in Guatemala! Look for more tours of Central America to come!


12 ways to see Leiby! If you're watching the NBA finals, you'll see 12 interstitial commercials entitled "The Finals, In Harmony" where I sing in a choir (much like the one on the Oscars), and we make fun noises along with the clips of basketball heroes from years past.